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We are new to this "About Us" business, so you'll have to forgive the brevity herein.  We are a group of friends first and business partners second.  We initially came together and decided we could share costs and knowledge to help each of our businesses run a little more smoothly.  Each of us possessing and building our own client bases, we began entrusting some projects to one another to accommodate clients' time-sensitive needs.  Fast-forward to today and we are The Sales Tax Team. 

We each possess certain areas of expertise that fit the needs of any client we may encounter.  Whether your company is a manufacturer, contractor, software development company, doctor's office, department store, online retailer, engineer, oilfield service company, film producer or anything in between, we have seen and dealt with it all. We come from different backgrounds, but all share the same goals of bringing unparalleled service, honesty, and integrity to the sales and use tax world.

We like to believe our diverse background gives us a unique ability to approach each task with different viewpoints to determine the most appropriate and efficient way to resolve any sales tax issue our clients brings to us.  Most people in our line of work ended up here by becoming a CPA and falling into a tax director role before settling into a consulting role. Not us. Our history of work in construction, software, business consulting, manufacturing, and private equity and investments allows us to approach each of our services from the angle our clients see it.  This allows us to apply both our prior experiences with our years of sales and use tax expertise to suit the needs of our clients.

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