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Our sales, use, and excise tax consulting services are customized to cater to the needs of each client.  With a full-service team possessing expert-level knowledgeable in all 50 states, we are committed to serving you in any capacity warranted.

Sales and use tax audits can be a nightmare for any company.  This is because they are so reliant on documentation.  Our firm knows the most effective way to address the states' needs.  Their goal is to identify the liability.  The auditors try their best, but they often do not adequately understand your business to make educated decisions when assessing the taxable items.  Our goal is to make sure your company is protected to the fullest extent.  Additionally, we are aggressive in pursuing refunds on any sales or use tax that may have been paid in error.

Internal review, due diligence, and successor liability analysis play a key role in our firm.  We recognize the challenges that are presented when buying and selling a business.  We all love and appreciate our attorneys and CPAs for doing the work we wouldn't dream of trying to address.  Fortunately for us, they don't like doing the work The Sales Tax Team specializes in: sales and use tax liability.  We analyze the areas of exposure as well as the possibility of refund with scrutiny for your protection and planning.

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Do you operate in multiple different states?  Are you uncertain about the requirements of each state?  We can help.  Each state has its own tax code and may treat your business much different than your home state.  We are familiar with the sales and use tax rules for each state and are committed to educating our clients so they may stay in compliance.  

Have you received a notice from a department and unsure how you should respond?  Let us help you navigate those murky waters.  States are becoming more aggressive trying to recoup sales tax they believe is due to them.  One wrong answer may lead you down a path of penalties and interest that could have been easily prevented.  Our passion for sales tax means you'll always have someone in your corner.

Have you discovered liabilities and aren't sure how to address them?  We are well-versed in settlement agreements, voluntary disclosure agreements, amnesty programs, and strategic approaches to bring your company back into compliance the most cost-effective way possible.


Our return preparation and filing team is suited to prepare and file your sales tax returns.  Our staff is not afraid of your data. We have experience with a host of different accounting programs from the free version of Quickbooks used by new startups all the way to the most complex custom accounting systems used by multi-billion dollar companies.

We will work with your team to fully understand your data to determine the appropriate way to file your sales and use tax returns.  Whether your are operating in one state with one annual return or operating in every state with monthly returns, we have a return filing solution for you.

Have delinquent returns?  We have specialists who can develop solutions to address those periods and get you back on the path of compliance.

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