Sales and Use Tax Audit Advice

Our experience has shown sales and use tax isn't at the forefront of most businesses' minds until they receive an audit notification. The good news is that it is okay. There are plenty of professionals like us here to help. In the event you are just looking for some advice and not looking for representation, here are some pointers: 1. Do a quick review of your activity in the state. Identify your gross sales as well as your taxable sales in the state. If you have a larg

History and Decision - SD v. Wayfair

South Dakota v. Wayfair is a decision that has turned the Sales Tax world on its ear. It gave states the power to legislate out of state sellers' responsibility to collect sales tax from in-state customers. South Dakota implemented economic nexus standard in March of 2016. The intent of the bill was to stir up just enough of an uproar to eventually force the Supreme Court of The United States to reconsider the findings of the 1992 SCOTUS case Quill v. North Dakota. The Qu